And that’s a wrap on the 2021 Chicago International Film Festival

Last Sunday, “King Richard” (starring Will Smith as the father of Venus and Serena Williams) played at the Music Box Theater in Wrigleyville as part of the 57th annual Chicago International Film Festival. As the credits rolled, not only did the film celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Black Perspectives program — it also signaled… Continue reading And that’s a wrap on the 2021 Chicago International Film Festival


Scene at Chi Film Fest: ‘Spencer,’ ‘Mayor Pete’

Sorry for the delay, folks. Am I flattering myself in thinking that anyone was actually waiting for this? Probably, but I don’t mind. While I hope my CIFF coverage over the course of fall break has expanded your watchlist — or maybe even encouraged you to participate in the local arts in the future —… Continue reading Scene at Chi Film Fest: ‘Spencer,’ ‘Mayor Pete’

Scene at Chi Film Fest: ‘Belfast,’ ‘Cow’

No introduction today — here’s what I saw since we last spoke. "Belfast" One of this year’s Gala Presentations is “Belfast,” the new film written and directed by Kenneth Branagh. The 60-year-old actor turned filmmaker has had a long and accomplished career: he’s made several Shakespeare adaptations, most notably “Henry V” and “Hamlet”; he’s starred… Continue reading Scene at Chi Film Fest: ‘Belfast,’ ‘Cow’

Making sense of the 2021 Oscars

Last Sunday, I live tweeted the Oscars. I’m not entirely sure what compelled me to do this. Perhaps it was my duty as an entertainment journalist to provide the public with some extra-colorful color commentary. Maybe it was my main character complex — bass-boosted by the vanity of social media — convincing me that the… Continue reading Making sense of the 2021 Oscars

‘The Father’: Life in erosion

The temptation when adapting a play to the screen is to preserve it precisely as it already is — to hit record on the camera and let the actors do their thing. The argument, I suppose, is that this method makes theatergoing a little more accessible. By preserving the spirit of the stage in a… Continue reading ‘The Father’: Life in erosion